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Revealing the Secret Teachings of Sheikh Siti Jenar

Revealing the Secret Teachings of Sheikh Siti Jenar

The essence Pillars of Islam According to Sheikh Siti Jenar
During this time, creed generally only be understood as a form of the word "Asyhadu an la ilaha illa Allah, wa anna Muhammad al-asyhadu messenger of God". And since only the pronunciation, it's normal does not have any influence on the human mental. Anyone can say, though kebanyakkan not understand. And that creed is the real meaning "witness" instead of "pronunciation" sentence stating that he had testified.
When we say the word "Allah", then this word must be present and born of deep conviction. At the time of pronunciation, we must believe that God "exists" in himself his prophet, and that each of us is able to bring the role of the prophet. In ma'rifat, prophets and prophecy as something that is always live. And when the person last prophet labeled "Muhammad", then it is right and the spirit nur Muhammad, and bears the name of the spiritual as "Ahmad". And when the word "Ahmad" is mentioned, the Prophet Muhammad is often argued that the "ana Ahmad when the meme" (I am Ahmad without a meme), the "Sunday". When tribes dzahir "arab" is mentioned, he often expressed "ana 'arabun when" Ain ", (I was the" Arabs without' Ain), the "Lord". This testimony, or creed.
If we imagine the physical prophet then we will menghayalkan about the prophet. Well, when we feel God is present or residing in the Prophet who was in the depths of our hearts, then terlepaslah words "Muhammad al-Rasul Allah" as a witness. Then this testimony we release into dalamDzat God. So that later created the so-called "Single ing God hiya hiya kang kang amuji pimuji" oneness with God that both praised and commended inseparable.
In the context of the Creed as it was then born the doctrine of "wird sasahidan" of Sheikh Siti Jenar, in the form of pronunciation of the liver as follows (Sholikhin: 2004, 182-183)
I testified in front of my own Essence
Surely there is no god but Me
I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of my
Indeed, the so-called God of my body
My guess apostle
Muhammad was the light of my
I am living is not affected by death
I'm the one who always remembers untouched forget
I am the eternal without incurring any change in circumstances
I am always watching and that nothing is missing from my supervision
I am the all-powerful, wise, there is no shortage in terms of
Perfect bright
Do not feel anything
Do not look anything
Only I have the whole of nature
With the nature of my
As already noted, that the testimony was obtained by lelaku. So after the birth of such evidence must also be accompanied by lelaku anyway. That is followed by meditation or remembrance think so then can experience death in life and life in death. Dhikr as this is done with the self-heneng and a moment of silence and the initiative that re-created union of hearts, minds and taste life. This is done by bringing together faculty, closed his eyes and pointed to the top of the nose (pucuking ghrana), while uniting heart rate, should also regulates breathing in and out do not overlap.
Usually sasahidan practice will culminate in liver flavor mixing and loss of all feeling. If you've reached this condition, then it should be lowered into the soul and spread around the nerve cells and the body. So that would be achieved and the absence of any flavor will bring the attitude waskitha's (eling lan waspadha).
Thus natural that the conclusion about the meaning of creed, Sheikh Siti Jenar give meaning creed as the ethos of motion, positive work ethic, progressive, and active. Shaykh siti jenar argued that apostles creed creed of monotheism and fall implies a sense (to ethos), a sense of authenticity (motor elements), the convergence of taste (active and creative ideas), the work of the entities and the impact on the lives of authenticity (Sholikhin: 2004, 187 ). That is the true meaning of the creed of the perfect man.
The essence Pillars of Islam According to Sheikh Siti Jenar
2. Prayer
"Keep your prayers and the prayers Wustha. Stand for God (in prayer) a solemn "(Surat al. Baqarah / 2:238). It is an affirmation of God's prayer obligations and must maintain, both in terms of dzahir and emotionally to the point press "solemn", a stable mental state.
By birth, prayer done while standing, reading Al-Fatiha, prostrating, sitting, etc.. All of them involve the entire limb. This is the prayer physical and psychical. Since all body movements apply to all prayers, then in verse called shalawaati (all pray) meaning plural. And this being the first part, namely the outer.
The second part is about prayer Wustha, namely that the Sufi is the heart of prayer. Wustha means mid or center. Because the heart is located in the center, which is in the middle of "self", it is said prayers as prayers Wustha heart. The purpose of prayer is to find peace and tranquility of the heart. Heart is located in the middle, between the left and right, between the front and rear, top and bottom, and between good and evil. Heart of a mid-point, point consideration. Hearts were also compared between the two fingers of God, where God flipped balikkannya wherever he wants. The purpose of the two fingers of God are two attributes of God, the nature of Yang Meng-torment and punish the nature of the Beautiful, Your Love, and The Gentle.
Prayer and worship is actually a prayer and worship liver, a condition humility for life. When the liver is not negligent and solemn, the bodily gets messy. So if this happens, the coveted peace will be destroyed anyway. Moreover, physical prayer can only be achieved with a solemn heart. If the liver is not solemn, and can not concentrate on the intended direction of prayer, then it can not be called prayer. Also will not be able to understand what was said, and of course anything that is done with reading and movement tidakakan can deliver up to God.
Urgency of the solemn's core is related to prayer as prayer. Prayer or munajat, not just requests servant to God, but also as a means meeting arena. And it's a meeting place in the heart. So if your heart is covered in a prayer, no matter the meaning of spiritual prayer, prayer made will not provide any benefit. For all that is done is dependent upon the physical heart as the One to the body. "Remember that in the body there is a piece of meat, if the meat is good, let the whole body. And if it is broken, it's also the whole body. Meat that is breathtaking. "(Words of the Prophet)
The heart's fervent prayer that will bring health care produces. Solemn prayer will be a cure for a broken heart and the evil and diseased. So good prayer should be with a healthy heart and good anyway, not with a broken heart, a heart that can not be present to God.
If the prayer of the bodily-physical limitations in all things, both the place, the time, the sanctity of the body, clothing, etc., then the prayer is not limited in terms of spiritual and not carried out at certain times. Prayer is spiritual is not bound by space and time. Prayer is always performed continuously since in the world for the hereafter. Mosque for prayers lies in the spiritual heart. Congregation made up of members of the inner or spiritual forces, air-dhikr and reading al-asma 'al-husna in the language of the spiritual realm. Imam in spiritual prayer is a willingness or desire (intention) is strong. And the qibla is God. This is the prayer and prayed eternal tarek taught by Sheikh Siti Jenar.
Such prayer can only be done by a willing heart, a heart that does not sleep, and a heart that does not die. Heart and soul as it is eternal and always worship or prayer when his physical being asleep or awake. Worship lifelong care done, and throughout his life was to worship.
This worship has reached ma'rifatullah, highest purgatory. In that place, he was without her. Because he had been annihilated, had vanished. Firm and sacred memory devoted only to God.
But of course this is true after all the prayers obligatory and nawafil implemented consistently. Thus, the new sanctuary can be reached after all the prayers shari'ah was perfect, and then enter into prayer and ma'rifat Tariqat. So it does not mean that if it is in this stage, and no longer to pray at all. It is often in the prayer that they have annihilated in his munajat that worship does is it takes a lot of time. It's just a form of prayer in the sense of movement and a certain passage is no longer binding. Prayer is founded on spiritual freedom in taking behavior towards God.
At this stage there is no reading in the mouth. No more movement of standing, bowing, prostrating, etc.. He had been talking with God as his word "Only You we worship, and You alone we ask for help" (Surah Al-Fatihah / 1: 5)
Word shows how high awareness perfect man, namely those who have gone through several levels of natural flavors and spiritual experiences that drowning in a sea of ​​monotheism or the Oneness of God and the air "united" with him. Favors that they feel when it can not be expressed in words. Only those who experience it can experience pleasure can interpret it. But they often do not want to disclose it. Not wanting to divulge the secrets stored in the Godhead in his heart by God.
It is similar to the nature of takbir, which is not merely saying "Allahu Akbar". Takbir is the pronunciation of the word of God is born who praise the greatness of His Essence. Thus, the actual magnification is the voice of God who borrowed the mouth of His servants. Not the result of an emotional boost. Therefore, takbir declare the greatness of God is true of Af'al God. Takbir is a true appreciation of the nature of God himself. And true magnification is any mention of his name born of His will alone. With such takbeer then the other becomes very small, and becomes nothing. There is only God. Everywhere we face there is only the face of God.
So after combined physical and spiritual worship in harmony, Perfected worship someone. Heart and soul as illustrated brought him into the presence of God. His heart ber "unified" intimate with God. In reality he was a servant of the wara 'and' alim. In the spiritual realm it becomes ma'rifah experts who have come to know God's perfection rank. This is the meaning of the prayer is the way to God. The result is that prayers are conducted to prevent the cruel and evil behavior. Instead menghasilkankehalusan and glory of the mind and behavior.
If prayer has been removed meaning essence, becomes a mere law enforcement jurisprudence as it appears on most people today, the prayer has lost its functional significance. This is what has brought sharp criticism of Sheikh Siti Jenar.
Creed, prayer, fasting all without meaning
Including charity and pilgrimage to Mecca
It all has to be fake
Can not be a fad
Only produce destruction on Earth
Deceive other creatures
Just like heaven someday
Fools follow the trustees
While the fact that the same has not reached the stage of silence
Sheikh Siti Jenar criticized law enforcement jurisprudence during walisanga for formal worship has lost its meaning and purpose, loss of meaning, and life lessons. That makes all the teachings of the religion taught by the clergy when it became public by lulling lie just want heaven one day that does not exist in reality.
Therefore Sheikh Siti Jenar teach functional prayer practices, in contrast to the trustee at the time. Tarek prayer as a form of obedience to the Shari'ah, and eternal prayer as prayer is embedded in the soul, and color all manners of life. A person who is carrying out his professional work correctly, disciplined, sincere, and for carrying out the functions lillahi ta'ala, then that person is called praying. That's part of the prayer da'im.
But in fact, teaching is not just a functional prayer belongs Sheikh Siti Jenar. In the Suluk Wujil stanzas 12-13, a manuscript written at the beginning of the 17th century, the so-called legacy Sunan Bonang teachings, doctrine mentions prayer as follows:
Eminent self aware nature of prayer, worship and praise. Prayer that is not Isha and Maghrib prayers. It's called prayer. If it's called prayer, then only the decoration of eternal prayer. It is only good manners. Which in fact it is called prayer? Do not worship if not knowing who is worshiped. Consequently defeated by the dignity of life. If in this world you do not know who that is worshiped, so you like menyumpit birds. The bullet only deployed, but nobody bird hit. As a result, only the absence of worship, a god who in vain.
So it is clear that the five daily prayers are performed only by the size of formality, merely a form of etiquette, the rules of religion. While prayer is a prayer that eternal truth. Namely, the total awareness of the presence and whereabouts of the Exalted Exalted in him, and he felt himself disappear. So that all behavior is prayer. Shut up, talking, and all her movements are prayers. Ablution, defecate, eat and so is an act of worship. This is the essence of true faith and praise that has no break. Yes, prayer is able to bring the perpetrators to spread deceit and the unjust's. Able to present rahmatan lil 'alamin.

Ness Sheikh Siti Jenar
"Indeed, Allah is Lapal testimony of God, which no art and no looks, confusing people, as apocryphal. He was not aware of the true personal self, so that he becomes confused. Surely the name Allah to refer to his deputy, who is revered spoken to declare and assert a promise. The name was grown into sentences uttered: "Muhammad the Messenger of Allah". Though the nature of pagan character jisim, which will decay, mixed land destroyed. "" Another soul to matter if we are the Most Sublime. He is brave, powerful Naha in syarak, explore the universe. He was my prince, controlling and commanding me, that is wahdaniyah, that unite themselves with His creation. He can eternal child wanders beyond bullets or blowpipe, not the mind is not life, not life without home from anywhere, nor will without a purpose. "" He's a united into my form. There is no difficulty, nature and his will, go where there is no thirst, no tired with no suffering and no hunger. His power and His ability knows no barriers, so that the hard thoughts yield no power of desire. So there arose the wisdom of my soul without my wisdom to know Him in and out, all of a sudden I see he already there ". (Fiber Shaykh Siti Jenar Ki SASTRAWIJAYA, Canto III Dandanggula, 45-48).
The above statement is a simple interpretation of the essence of the teachings sasahidan Sheikh Siti Jenar, and the foundation of the mystical theology of oneness. Creed sentences spoken only by the tongue and simply decorated with the physical work (implementation of Islamic jurisprudence with no spiritual application), essentially a lie. The implementation of the physical aspects of religion that are not accompanied by the implications of the unity of spirit, soul actually is stealing, stealing the attention to that aspect of God within. That is the true inner hypocrite in his review, and wicked in the eyes of birth. Because human beings as His caliph is divine mirror should descry the entire universe. As the tool is unity wujudiyah forth in Sasahidan. There indivisibility between Allah, the Messenger and humans. Each one is not something alien to alienate each other.
"The secret of life consciousness authenticity, genuineness yes Ingsun this life, you sejatinnya God, yes Ingsun true God, the form (the form) is actually God, sir (rahsa = secret) that the Messenger of Allah, oral (pangucap) is God, God remains the agency white without blood, sir God, a sense of God, the secret of Allah, yes Ingsun (i) is true God. "(Discourse Walisanga: p. 5).
Substance of spiritual expressions is that the truth of life, the secret of life exists only on the experience of oneness between servant and Lord. And the level or size of laymen it can be achieved by taking into account the description and discourse Sheikh Siti Jenar about "Tarek Limang Prayer Time".
The essence Pillars of Islam According to Sheikh Siti Jenar
Sheikh Siti Jenar give zakat as a gesture meaning applicative help others from suffering and deprivation. Helping others to live, enjoy life, and able bereksis life. Sheikh Siti Jenar own farm which is a favorite work of his time. But not all farmers managed their lives as well as does not always work either from harvest. Which is not necessarily successful crop shortages and even famine. Sheikh Siti Jenar always help those who are less successful had to give most of the crops of the vast land to them. This is called zakat functionally.
Likes to give is his nature, and he was pleased to see his servants imitate nature rather give him the nature of it. God will not empty treasury, and if God gives He will give his hand open. "Anyone who comes brings a good deed, then he will be rewarded as much as ten times more than us, and whoever brought the evil deed, he did not get his revenge, but balanced with a crime, and those few were not persecuted." (Surat al-An'am / 6: 160)
Sense of the word, charity has its uses as an arena of wealth and soul cleansing. Especially clearing of keegoan, so the goal being achieved spiritual alms. "Who will lend to Allah a good loan, God will multiply reply loan it to him, he will get a lot of reward." (Surah Al Hadid/57: 11). This is the essence of charity rewards, both physical and spiritual.
So that the property loan and deposit of God, we commit ourselves to issuing purification zakat, alms and charitable jariyah. In this case, we are not just a standard benchmark of at least 2.5%, but it could be more than that. Even the Sufis sometimes tithe 100% of all property received. Besides he dusted off the dirt-dirt world, it also lengthen life and save yourself from the torment of the Hereafter miserable. How lucky the property owners who menyedekahkan his property so he gets the rewards can not be redeemed with money later. "Those who menyedekahkan wealth to others, their wealth will not be reduced. In fact, the treasure will grow, and grow. "(The Prophet).
Thus, understanding the mystic treasure obvious. Treasures and all that belongs to God. His human limpahan to be used as a tool for spiritual journey toward God. "You're not going to get the perfect obedience before you spend most of your beloved treasures. And whatever you shall spend it, Allah knows. "(Surah Ali Imran / 3:92). Zakat for the Sufi is a step to provide a "gift" or a beautiful gift to God, as well as for people with mental intent with the cleanliness and purity of heart. Strictly speaking, as stated Sheikh Siti Jenar, zakat is the willingness to help people in need, both physical and spiritual treasure treasure so they are protected from poverty, deprivation, physical and spiritual hunger. How wonderful world if people lived like this sufi.
Hajj in Islam-Java part a legacy of Sheikh Siti Jenar teaching is nothing but spiritual though. Because if you just visit Makkah in the physical sense, for Muslims it is simply Java "ngeraga soul". In the sense of someone being able to go to Mecca whenever he wants. Therefore, for them, is not limited geographically located Makkah, which lies on the plains of Saudi Arabia. For Muslim-Javanese, Makkah is in the human spirit that is not reached by only using stock rupiah. It can be seen from the expression in Suluk Wijil:
Maulana Maghribi say, "Well you come back, you seek does not exist in Makkah. Makkah is located in the west (Las Java), the Makkah artificial name. Stone made a spot overlooking is made by the Prophet Ibrahim. If Java Nusa you leave, it will be a kafir / / No one knows where the real Mecca. Although he had to run from childhood to old age. It will not reach the goal. If there is stock up in Makkah and became mayor, then hers is very expensive, difficult to obtain. Not the rupiah and the stock dinar. But courage, willingness to die, and patient and sincere in the world).
Of narrative wujil mysticism, it is clear that if the spiritual pilgrimage is to achieve the right to life assurance, which is bold and able to die in truth, as well as patient and sincere in life in the world. Where the soul is still imprisoned in this wadaq. Life is life is not contaminated sincere desire to scramble the power, wealth, delights of living in the world (Chodjim, 2002.209). So sincerity to live a destination of pilgrimage. To be sincere if the behavior or spiritual need.
To be able to obtain the correct behavior, it also takes courage and the ability to choose the right believed. In part, the courage and the ability to live simple and clean of all the disgraceful and unjust deeds. Hearts free from all envy, jealousy, revenge, hatred, miserly and greedy. Mind clear of engagement with the world delights. Spiritual freed, and religiosity are not bound by mere formality. And to cap it all takes patience, have a fighting spirit, and do not give up in the effort to achieve the goal. Tough and sturdy in the struggle to live right, and willingness to maintain confidence in the truth.
Behind patience, it is also sticking willingness maintain harmony of all things in this world. Not selfish, bossy, not taking over the rights of others. not playing power, does not violate the rights of others. he was always fighting for the right to live with without compromising the rights of others. he fight for their rights as well as rights of others.
Java in the Muslim religion is not only bound to the symbol. So that includes the Kaaba for example, who are in Makkah is called a man-made imitation. Kaaba is not really known for being situated in the spiritual realm. Kaaba itself is in the depth of the liver niche. Therefore, truth and honesty should not be hunted in Makkah, it also provides much Java spiritual teachings which if left to hunt in Makkah, Java will actually make people become kafir. That would miss the traditional wisdom and spirituality of genuine depth of his own. To create prosperity, peace, and to be able to approach God, it was not supposed to leave the policy that is rooted in tradition rituals of other nations. God provides all kinds of places with wisdom (wisdom) of his each. For this reason the concept of diversity should be incorporated within the framework lita'aruf (know each other). They were able to recognize the diverse wisdom is called God as their most capable of achieving piety.
God only knows.

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