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My selfish, self-centered you, our selfish

 My selfish, self-centered you, our selfish

In this life we ​​often feel that we do actually desires of the ego, but it is easy to argue and argue that we do is a call from God. Often we shout shout the name of God, we say it out loud, "we have to defend the religion of God ...!" ... Hiii .. hii ... God what weve religion ...?? Anybody know not ...??. But actually it was all done without knowing nothing but the insistence of the ego. personal self. God is the Most Great and Mighty and invincible again, the time needs to be defended ...?. Why .. why so forth ... weve opposite the Most Great, Mighty God we are what ..?. If God still needs DEFENSE-we, why kite should pray for this and that while stretch out your hands .... hexes .. hexes ...

That need to be defended and protected it's people who are weak, weak both morally and meteril.With lightly once we mention "Asma Allah" when the call that we did not realize that it was all due to our lust encouragement. Because it still comes selfless personal interests or the interests of our group and the group. When in fact that is because our ego ...!!.
Term there is still the name of God because Ego ...?. He .. he .. many ..., many events of this kind are not aware that what they do is because of ego boost. Often it ...? we saw on TV how the protesters with scary faces, shouting the name of God.
How easily does the call "Allah ... Allah", but the attitude that is displayed against the tenderness of God. A gracious and merciful God. Did not God give priority compassion rather than his wrath ..?.
Many people who do not know God but with nimble and agile mention his asthma but only limited stalled lip. That result can be seen with a religious group with the view outside is shown like a bunch of people dressed in religious robe, turban but unfortunately in the application, the application and the actions and deeds in life do not imply the existence of peace, comfort and well-being for people around them ..
Ego is what many people descend like us-we are to live a life as social beings as well as in religious life though. With Ego can also likely scatters households, state and nation. If one applies the ego, then there are other parties who devalued or taken lightly. Authority or other person authorized repossessed because the owner's authority deems powerless. Even the authority of the LORD unconsciously taken it over and under the guise of a wrapped package with the name of Religion and groups, certain groups. Especially with shouts calling Asthma God, they are so deftly and speedily shouting Asthma God, but his behavior did not reflect "the tenderness of God."
God is a substance that "Being" and there is definitely always his guiding people towards a better life. straight and true. God is ar-Rahman ar-Rahim, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Religions that came in brought the Prophets or the Apostles has a mission for the salvation of the world. Of course, as well as for the safety of the people in it. But if we are to speak the truth, we know that a lot of people who feel their safety is threatened by a group of people in their religion. In every religion there is always a group of people who may have the authority to impose religion. The reason is, people should not be forced to join a religion, but when it comes in must be forced ...!.
These people are called to compete with God. The events like this that need to be observed and corrected in order to boost one's ego is not analogous to God's call.

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